Born out of the ICU

The BODYSTOP was born out of the ICU when a major health care provider addressed a significant problem - how do you combat complications that arise from immobility? A number of problems can develop when you have limited mobility.

Based on the principle "We were made to move" our endo-kinetic concept came into fruition- an innovative solution for all those whose lives have been impacted by stress, injury, or excessive workouts. 
BODYSTOP has taken that principle to a whole new level by assembling proven and dramatic technologies that help the body feel better in remarkable ways.  

Our Mission

At BODYSTOP, we want to provide you with high-quality restorative and relaxation experiences that are customized, convenient, and affordable.  Our “spa-like” environment focuses on feeling better fast with unique treatments using the best in technology available to you at one location. Real therapy, dramatic results!


According to US government 80% of Americans do not get enough exercise or have limited mobility. As vitamins can supplement a substandard diet, so can the BODYSTOP augment limited mobility by simulating many of the effects and benefits found in exercise.