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We are NOT a Medical Service Provider

Given the effective therapies offered at the BodyStop and the dramatic relief many people experience, many ask if we are a medical provider. Although many of the treatments are medical grade and FDA registered, the BODYSTOP is intended to complement your personal wellness use and does not make medical claims for treatments, diagnosis, or care plans to treat any conditions or diseases.  Additionally, BODYSTOP staff do NOT give medical advice or are qualified to treat or diagnose.  Always seek medical advice for diagnosing or medical treatment.

We are NOT a Traditional Spa

There are two main differences between the BODYSTOP and a traditional spa. One is our distinct and proprietary therapies are focused on helping people “feel better fast” and for most, the effects are dramatic.  We do not promote cosmetic treatments. Perhaps most importantly, our business model is a true membership-based model. This makes access to sessions highly affordable when compared to standard spa services.