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Our Philosophy

Kinetics – We are made to MOVE

BODYSTOP's technologies not only boost the body’s recovery process but also supplement the body externally. Much like vitamin supplements and diet do internally. Our daily objective is to help you discover what your body needs to feel better.


The BODYSTOP Experience

It's time to stop putting off feeling better and start with BODYSTOP today! Your individual wellness needs are met and exceeded with the only natural recovery center on the market. Our unique process works for active lifestyles as well as post-recovery periods of physical stress or injury.

Our natural approach to self-care renews the body while calming the mind with relaxing and rejuvenating experiences tailored to your needs. From the moment you step inside, BODYSTOP welcomes you with a clean and welcoming environment where you can access personalized self-care that provides immediate and long-lasting restorative benefits.

Our innovative processes guide your body through recovery as your senses navigate through our variety of experiences. We are a one-stop shop providing whole-body recovery under one roof.

Our goal is to make total body wellness not only available to every body but to make it customizable, on-demand, and affordable with our unique ensemble of products and services.

Most of our technologies are unique, patented, and unparalleled. We have searched the world over for proven solutions that will make a dramatic difference for your whole body, not just for today but for years to come.  BODYSTOP is a collection of the best in class.

We offer a clean, personal, and touch-less oasis for members only to ensure your safety and privacy.