Feeling truly is believing. But don't just take our word for it.

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Few sports are as demanding on the body as slalom skiing.  SolaPro goes deep to relieve stiff muscles and is a must-have to keep an edge in my sport.


— Marcus Brown
Men’s Slalom World Titleholder



I am a licensed massage therapist and fitness instructor.  Never have I experienced more amazing results for pain and recovery as I have seen with the SolaJet.  Its ability to promote circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system is unrivaled and helps the body restore itself naturally.


— Cathy Casessa

New Jersey

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My practice incorporates 5 SolaJets, multiple SolaPros, and AquaVive chair systems … I could not effectively practice without them. Patients absolutely love them but more importantly, they deliver immediate results.


— Dr. Timothy Terlep