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Our Technology

The BodyStop is committed to providing the latest leading technologies to help enhance the fitness experience by enabling you to FEEL BETTER and PERFORM BETTER. The BODYSTOP is especially designed with 3 key technologies that each deliver amazing results to help improve flexibility, oxygenation and overall recovery. 

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SolaJet Dry-Hydrotherapy Massage System

The SolaJet Dry-Hydrotherapy System uses warm and powerful traveling jets that sweep over the body to help soothe, flush, and restore fatigued muscles and prepare them for activity.

AquaVive Hydro-thermic Massaging Chair

Hydro-thermic system designed for rapid body heating or dramatic cooling to improve circulation or reduce areas of inflammation.

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SolaPro Deep Vibration Massage Gun

Massage gun for powerful targeted muscle relief and conditioning.

Our Therapies

Our full line of services and treatments are designed to be clean and touch-less for your peace of mind. So whether it be pre-workout preparation, post-workout recovery, or pain/inflammation maintenance, the BODYSTOP has the tools you need to FEEL BETTER FAST.

Endo-Kinetics™ is the therapeutic action created by external sources of manipulation or thermal transmission.  The BODYSTOP Family of Therapies all combine or deliver some form of Endo-Kinetics which have a distinct therapeutic effect.  The following chart profiles the intended benefit provided by some of the key therapies in the BODYSTOP.

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